Stylish & Comfortable. The Ultimate Low Down Spring!!
Light weight and flexible HIGH.TECH spring is offered with 3 major warranties; against discomfort, noise and sag, as proof of our confidence in high quality. It is constructed of Vanadium for optimum setting for each vehicle. Its superior quality provides not only durability and excellent ride comfort, but also a reason to apply manufacturer’s limited warranties.
■ Perfect spring rate setting for each vehicle, to optimize comfort and appearance.
■ Average of 20 to 30mm drop.
■ Comfort, No-noise & No-sag Warranty.
Big Three Warranties & Light Weight
>>Ride Comfort Warranty
We have full confidence in HIGH.TECH’s ride comfort in any and all seat, better than other manufacturers’ springs.
>>No-Noise Warranty
Unpleasant noise caused from coil to coil contact and/or mount part is eliminated.
>>No-Sag Warranty
Use of the latest material prevents sag in spring, to retain optimum drop for an long period of time.
>>Light Weight
Use of the latest material Vanadium SAE9245V with tensile strength of over 200kgf/mm2 (1960N/ mm2) allows to reduce weight by 10% and to provide longer stroke. This improves spring’s capability to absorb bumpiness/roughness of road surface, thus providing better maneuverability and stability.
*Void without warranty certificate. Be sure to register for warranty after the purchase.
*These warranties do NOT cover any labor cost and/or shipping fee associated with the product return.
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