The Dangers of Using Unnecessary Parts

Before you assemble a TEIN product with your car's original ("OE") part, make sure that it is required. This depends on the product and the vehicle model. A product kit may e.g. have dedicated mounts for the front and use the vehicle's mounts in the rear.

Take for example a dust boot. If the vehicle's dust boot is applied to a shock absorber that has one (Photo 9), the two will interfere and break, necessitating replacement. Users easily make this mistake due to experience with another vehicle or because the TEIN dust boot may seem too short. Its length however enables proper functioning with the car on the ground (Photo 10).

It also happens that a bump rubber is applied over the dust boot. TEIN dust boots, however, have a bump rubber inside (Photo 11). The extra bump rubber drastically shortens the compression strokes, causing the feeling of a constant upward push, and ride comfort will plummet.

Please read the instruction manual well before installing a TEIN product, also if you have lots of installation experience.