Clearance under Upper Mount in Vehicles without Mount Plate

This applies to front upper mounts that do not have a mount plate, e.g. Honda CR-Z, Honda Jazz/Fit, Toyota Vitz, Suzuki Swift, etc. When the car rests on level ground, a few millimeters' clearance exists between the upper mount bush and the vehicle body. This gap is normal. Belonging to the vehicle's structure, it is there before (Photo 1) as well as after installing TEIN dampers or springs. However, when the car is elevated and the suspension fully rebounded (Photo 2), there is no gap.

When resting on level ground, the size of the space changes when you turn the steering wheel. This too is due to the vehicle structure, and normal. Photo 3 shows the right mount and Photo 4 the left one, with the steering wheel turned fully to the right.

You may not have noticed a gap before installing your TEIN springs or shock absorbers, but rest assured that it is normal. There are also cases where a rubber sheet fills up the space, eliminating the gap.