Caution for Stabilizer Link Rods

In a growing number of vehicles the stabilizer bar is attached to the shock absorber with a link rod ("stabilizer link rod"). For vehicle models where ride height adjustment makes the original ones unusable, we include dedicated stabilizer link rods.

Depending on the vehicle, stabilizer link rods for the left and right side may differ. The diagram shows how in the Honda Fit GD1 they have different installation angles. This also occurs in e.g. Honda Mobilio GB1, Mazda Axela BK3P and Demio DY5W, and Toyota Celica ZZT231.

Although you can almost always feel that something is wrong during installing, there is still a chance that you switch them, because it is possible to force the stabilizer link rods onto the wrong side. The strain will damage their ball joints and cause noise.

Please be very careful when installing the stabilizer link rods. Be sure to confirm the right side in the instruction manual in advance. If the sides are switched, each will be so damaged that they have to be replaced.