STREET ADVANCE in MINI - How to Adjust Rear Damping Force

When using STREET ADVANCE in a MINI, the damping force adjustment dials of the rear shock absorbers are each in an enclosed space, unreachable by hand or click tool (Diagram). The EDFC Series is very effective here, allowing remote damping force control. The MINI offers enough space to install an EDFC motor onto the shock absorbers, which works via a controller unit in the cockpit.

Please first attach the EDFC motor onto the shock absorber and confirm that it works, before installing the whole into the vehicle. Fit the STREET ADVANCE's upper mount spacer (Photo 1) between the vehicle body and OE upper mount. It contains a gap to pull the adjustment motor's cable into the wheel housing (Photos 2 and 3) and further into the vehicle to connect to the controller unit. And there you go: hassle-free damping force setup and tweaking from the driver's seat.

Without the EDFC Series unfortunately it takes more effort to adjust rear damping force. It requires dismounting the shock absorbers once, turning their adjustment dial and re-installing them into the vehicle.

Please note: the rear upper mount spacer should always be fitted, also when not installing an EDFC Series product.