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Replacement Service Information
This service is only available for RX1, FLEX AVS & FLEX Z.

How Replacement Service Works

Service Descriptions

Replacement Service makes it possible to restore the damper's performance by replacing an old and/or worn-out shock absorber with a new one.

Replacement shock absorber can not only be made to the same specifications as the original, of course, but also to the desired damping force settings and/or stroke length.

Replacement shock absorber does NOT include any outer parts/components, such upper mounts, springs, lower brackets, dust boots, bump rubbers, etc. Reuse outer parts removed from the original shock absorber.

Original shock absorber does NOT need to be sent in for replacement.

Damping Force Change ---
The combination of Shock absorber's inner parts is changed to modify the damping force setup to meet the specific use conditions and/or preference.
Stroke Change ---
Shock absorber's inner components are modified and/or replaced to change the stroke length to meet the specific use conditions and/or preference.

We may decline damping force and/or stroke change request if such change could lead to performance degradation, breakage and/or accident.

Price & Lead Time

Price shown is per single shock absorber and does NOT include sales tax.

Price per Single Shock Absorber JPY 20,500 JPY 19,500
Damping Force Change + JPY 3,000 + JPY 3,000
Stroke Change + JPY 3,000 + JPY 3,000
  • This service only applies to full-length ride height adjustable shock absorbers. Non-adjustable rear shock absorbers, as occur in some vehicles, have to be entirely replaced with new ones. Damping force change and/or stroke change are available as options. Please contact us for prices and needed time for your vehicle.

Lead Time: In-stock items will be provided by the earliest possible date. (It takes longer for out-of-stock items.)

If damping force change and/or stroke change are required, it takes appox. 1 month from the time of order.

When Placing an Order...

Both "Part No." and "Lot No.", which are found on a product label affixed to each damper, are required to complete an order. When ordering both front and rear shock absorbers, "Part No." and "Lot No." for each damper are required.

Refer to the following example.

caution label

caution label

For labels with QR code, scan the QR code with mobile device etc and access the result web page to confirm "Part No." and "Lot No." (Production No.).

caution label

For damping force and/or stroke changes, include the following information when placing an order.

  • Spring Rate (kgf/mm)
  • Tire Size / Brand
  • Damping Force Change (e.g., 20 % up; 10% down)
  • Stroke Change (e.g.., 10mm shorter)
  • Other Remarks and Requests
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