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Toe-In Gauge U.K. Made Toe-Angle Measure
"Digital Camber Gauge" for one-handed measurement of camber angle
"Toe-In Gauge" for easy measurement of toe-in & toe-out
Must-have for installation of ride height adjustable shock absorbers.
Easy One-Hand Operation!
Easy-to-carry lightweight Aluminum body. Hard-to-scratch Duracon® on the contact guide. Tapered mounting slot for smooth and one-touch sliding.
Easy yet Accurate Measurement!
Just adjust the guide to match the wheel rim and hold against the gauge vertically, for automatic measurement at 0.1-degree increments.
Also for Measurement of Other Slope Angles!
Not only for the camber angle, but it can also be used to measure other angles as well.
Digital Camber Gauge Specifications
Material (Main Body): Aluminum
Material (Contact Guide): Duracon®(hard resin)
Measurable Rim Size: 10 to 20inch diameters (250 to 550mm)
Display Angle: 0.0 to 90.0 degrees
Increments: 0.1-degree
Dimensions: H600 x W200 mm (excluding the guide)
Contact Guide: 50mm deep
Weight: 1100g
Power Source: 9V Alkaline Battery (006P)
Misc. Functions: Display Hold, Automatic Power Off, Simple Correction, and more.
Parts #: I G202
MSRP excl Tax: JPY48,000
Toe-In Gauge
Made of Aluminum Die-Cast
Made of lightweight Aluminum die-cast for easy carriage.
Easy Set-Up
No major installation work needed. Ready, just by placing on the flat surface where there is enough space for one vehicle.
Easy Measurement
No troublesome setting needed. Anyone with technical knowledge can easily take measurement.
Very simple mechanism without the use of electric power eliminates the worry for breakdown.
Manual in Japanese Included
Easy-to-understand instruction manual in Japanese is included.
Toe-In Gauge specifications
Optical Alignment Gauge
Material: Aluminum Die-cast
Measurable Rim Size: 8 to 24 inches in diameter (200 to 600mm)
Smallest Scale: 10-minute
Max Measured Value: within +/- 2-degree
Parts #: I AGO-40
MSRP excl Tax: JPY 96,000
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