[ This item is discontinued and no longer available. ]
A full-length ride height adjustable entry model shock absorber for all categories.
Wide Lineup for Sedans, Minivans etc
Not restricted by any category, the lineup consists of the majority of sedans, wagons and minivans currently available on the market.
Bold Low down Appearance
The full-length ride height adjustable feature offers a wide adjustable range to give the ultimate low-down style.
Upper Mounts included for Easy Installation
With upper mounts included in all kits, it reduces the hassle of removing the original upper mounts, making installation easy by simply exchanging the shock absorbers.
(If rear spring and shock absorber are separate by design, rear upper mounts are not included.)
Pleasant Ride Comfort and Superior Handling and Control
Optimal damping force settings were not just set at a soft setting to accommodate ride comfort for city driving, but also to maintain the high speed “flat ride” feel. It is designed to offer a flexible yet stable ride.
Fully Compatible for Larger Tire & Wheel Sizes
During the product development stages, settings were made using larger wheel and tires sizes which are expected to be most popular for each particular vehicle. Ride comfort is maintained even with the use of low profile tires, allowing you to enjoy dressing up your vehicle.
A) Reinforced Rubber Upper Mount
Reinforced rubber upper mounts are exclusively designed for each vehicle model to maintain ride comfort and quietness. With the upper mounts included in all kits it allows you to easily install the shock absorber simply by removing the original shock absorber and exchanging it with the TEIN shock absorber. (If rear spring and shock absorber are separate by design, rear upper mounts are not included.)
B) Spring
Newly designed springs are used to further improve traction and ride comfort.
C) Twin-Tube Structure
Twin-Tube Structure is adopted to offer more endurance and greater amount of stroke. Optimal damping force settings have been made to offer stable and pleasant ride comfort to meet various road conditions from city driving to highways.
D) Easy Adjustments with Thrust Washer
The BASIC FLEX DAMPER has adopted the new aluminum spring seats and along with it, the current stainless steel thrust washer has also been replaced with a stronger resin type thrust washer. This further improves anti-corrosion properties and makes ride height adjustments smoother.
E) Spring seat
The existing rubber lower spring seat is now replaced with the newly designed aluminum spring seat. This reduces the ride height adjust wrench from locking making ride height adjustments smoother.
F) Rust Prevention on Threads
The BASIC FLEX DAMPER uses a specially formulated Fluorine coating on the shell case to provide even stronger prevention against rust from existing methods.
G) Full-Length Ride Height Adjustment Feature
The BASIC FLEX DAMPER uses adjustable lower brackets for its full-length ride height adjustment feature. This allows ride height to be adjusted without changing the actual stroke, reducing any changes to ride comfort to a minimum. (Rear not full-length adjustable on some models)
H) 2-Coat/1-Bake Powder Coat
The BASIC FLEX DAMPER has an Electroless nickel coating applied to the inner side of the threaded part of the lower bracket followed by a blast treatment on the outer surface. The base is then applied with the first coat, an anti-corrosion coat, which is then followed by the TEIN green powder coat before being baked in a furnace. This new process increases protection against surface chipping and heightens anti-corrosion properties. (Patent pending)