Specially-designed wrench attachment makes it easier to apply even high torque to bracket locks on strut suspensions. 2 separate slots to fit either spinner handle or torque wrench allow for better workability.

Specially designed to perfectly fit TEIN seat locks,
to avoid coming off while tightening.

Seat locks are NOT included.

I.D. 19mm Slot
1/2in. Square Hole
Laser Engraving
MSRP excl. Tax Part No.
JPY 13,000 SST01-R5920-B
  • There might be some small unavoidable precision casting surface flaws, such as unevenness and pinholes, however such do not affect functionality and/or strength.
  • Please refer to the manual for damper product, for tightening torque and height adjustment instructions.
  • NOT to be used on seat locks or spring seats, of different shapes and/or diameters.
Compatible Shape & Diameter
Torque Setting Information, when using Bracket Lock Wrench Attachment
On preset torque wrench, torque cannot be measured properly when relative positions of pivot point (point of load) and point of effort change.
When using Bracket Lock Wrench Attachment on such preset torque wrench, be sure to check for & apply correct torque, as described below.