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TEIN Polyurethane Bushes
86 grb bushes
Polyurethane Bushes, for sports driving, to help suspension operate more precisely and smoothly. Now Available!
Replacing OE bushes, which exhibit high resistance, with low-frictional TEIN Polyurethane Bushes make suspensions more suitable for sports driving.
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1. Smoother Movement in Rotative Direction
TEIN Polyurethane Bushes are made of specially formulated self-lubricating polyurethane and use the floating technology, to minimize the rotational friction on suspension arms.
This allows arms to operate in the best possible position and eliminate any unneccesry movements, hence enables smoother and more precise movement of suspensions.
This also contributes to better tire-to-surface holding characteristics.
It is clear from the actual measurement result of suspension movement and load, without spring and shock absorber, that the friction on suspension is effectively elminated.
Watch how smooth the movement is.
2. Unique Material Perfect for Suspension
TEIN Polyurethane Bushes use a special elastomer based material which has the best characteristics of both rubber and plastic, to offer superior durability.
The combined properties of this special polyurethane also provide extreme resistance to abrasion; more than 3 times tougher than OE bushes, and to air (oxygen & ozone) exposure and work well at atmosphere temperatures between -50 and +120 degrees C.
It is also proven that this special material does not show any sign of performance degradation and its weight and volume do not change, when immersed in water for a long period of times.
It also offers high tear strength and resistance to oils, solvents and other harsh chemicals, making TEIN Polyurethane Bushes ideal for performance automotive applications.
Inner collar used for TEIN Polyurethance Bushes is designed to be as thick as possible and is zinc-coated, to offer high strength and antirust performance.
3. Accommodating Different Needs
For some models, pre-assembled suspension arm is available, in which Polyurethane Bushes are already press-fitted to OE suspension arm. This eliminates the need for bush replacement work which requires special tools and skills. Drivers can enjoy the benefit of TEIN Polyurethane Bushes without troublesome installation.
4. Proven Effective Worldwide
TEIN Polyurethane Bushes are designed to comply with the FIA standards and their power and high-durability have already been proven in International rally such as WRC.
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