[ This item is discontinued and no longer available. ]
HYBRID WAGON DAMPER is a registered trademark of TEIN, INC.
Do NOT be deceived by imitations or counterfeits.
* Patent pending for HYBRID WAGON hydraulic height adjustment system.
HYBRID WAGON DAMPER is available ONLY through certified TEIN HYBRID Technical Shop.
HYBRID WAGON is it! From 140mm to 90 mm in 10 seconds.
Flagship Model Suspension for Wagons/Mini-Vans.
Contents of Damper Kit
Shock Absorber Assembly ×4 Spring ×4
Hydraulic H.A.S. Cylinder Unit ×2 Pump Unit Assembly ×1
Controller Assembly ×1 Extra Reserve Tank Assembly ×1
Hose Joint Assembly ×4 Installation Kit ×1
Height Adjustment Wrench ×2 Instruction Manual ×1
* Oil for hydraulic system is NOT included.
Full-length Hydraulic Height Adjustment System
By adopting a hydraulic pressure system for full-length height adjustment function, proper stroke is maintained therefore there will not be any change in ride comfort or controllability. Existing air or hydraulic suspensions take up a lot of space, however hydraulic pressure system reduces the necessary space to 1/6 compared to air suspension tanks, allowing the system to be installed outside the vehicle. Furthermore, its motor powered pumps enable very quiet yet quick height adjustment.
Maintaining Ride Comfort and Controllability
By adopting a hydraulic pressure system for full-length height adjustment function, stroke is unchanged when the height is adjusted therefore there will not be any change in ride comfort or controllability. Also, because its setting is based on our SUPER WAGON Damper, it can provide a very pleasant driving feel that emphasizes on ride comfort, from streets to highways.
Enabling Easy Height Adjustment from Inside Vehicle
The exclusively designed controller installed inside the vehicle allows the height adjustment to be done with a touch of a button from the driver's seat. No more troublesome adjustment!
Easy button operation enables an instant adjustment eliminating the need for unnecessary time and power.Time needed to adjust the height from 90mm to 140 mm is only about 10 seconds (power-on to completion). * The value may vary according to vehicle models.
Three memory buttons on the controller allows the driver to recall his/her favorite ride height settings easily. By setting the standard alignment position into the memory, the standard ride height can be recalled with a touch of a button. The very accurate ride height detection is made possible by feedback control with pressure sensor attached to the extra reserve tank.
The system also comes with the remote controller. The driver can check the appearance, balancing the aero-form bumper and/or wheels etc., while adjusting the ride height. The remote also has three memory buttons, which correspond to ones on the main controller. (The remote can be operated within max. 5m radius, though the value may vary depending on the circumstance.)
EDFC Compatibility
HYBRID WAGON Damper is fully compatible with [EDFC] (Electronic Damping Force Controller), just as with TYPE FLEX and SUPER WAGON.Not only the ride height but also the damping force can be adjusted from inside the vehicle by installing [EDFC], bringing very comfortable cruising experience from streets to highways.
*[EDFC] is optional and sold separately.
Wide Range for Ride Height Adjustment
The standard adjustable range with hydraulic pressure system is 50mm and with spring seat is 40mm, so that the total range is up to 90mm (except some models). With this feature, favorite ride height setting can be achieved to meet any situations. (Adjustable range may vary according to vehicle models.) Super low down spring, which lowers the ride height 20mm more than the regular spring, is also available (except some models).
*Required minimum road clearance (90mm in Japan) should always be maintained on public roads.
Exclusively available through TEIN HYBRID Technical Shop
Hydraulic Pressure Height Adjustment System' may sound so complicated, but our users can rest assured that HYBRID WAGON Damper is ONLY available from our certified dealers, who has received the lecture from TEIN qualified engineer and acquired all the necessary techniques and knowledge.
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