Easy Low Down. Green Spring, to Brightly Decorate Your Suspension
Easy suspension tuning is in your hands. S.Tech was made so that everyone can enjoy sports driving. Based on OE specification so that the installation is easy. Full compliance with car inspection. Great styling, plus more fun to drive. The highest quality all brought to you at great prices. Now comes in two types to choose from.
Discontinued models are available as CUSTOM MADE SPRING
Comforms to Vehicle Safety Regulation (in Japan)
With these new springs, we have been able to maintain the 90mm road clearance legislated in the new safety regulations.
Line Up
Available for a wide array of vehicle models. The best applicable setting to satisfy drivers, either for good appearance or for sport driving.
Cost Efficient
Easy suspension tuning for everyone. Under thorough cost management and improvement of the production line, S.TECH is offered at a very affordable price, even with the use of high-tensile materials with over 200kgf/mm2 (some exceptions).
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