*For sale in JAPAN only.

Sebastien Loeb
Gilles Panizzi
From January 1st 2009, use of HANS is mandatory when participating in International rally events.
Use of HANS device is recommended for rally competitions in Japan.

Wearing a head restraint approved by the FIA is mandatory
for all drivers and co-drivers in international events as follows:
- all FIA championships, trophies, cups and challenges: from 1 January 2008*;
- in all events entered on the FIA International Sporting Calendar: from 1 January 2009*.

Please refer to the following FIA link for more information supplementing the information above.

JAF Regulation on Helmets
Helmets listed on our website meet the requirements set under FIA Int'l Sporting Code Appendix L, thus can be used for FIA approved Int'l competitions (incl. WRC) and JAF approved domestic competitions.
Should any doubt or question arise regarding this matter in competitions/races, please kindly contact below.
JAF Motor Sports Bureau, Tech Dept. TEL 03-3578-4936
Since 2004, use limitation applies to some competitions. Please see here to find out the year of manufacture.
* Depending on the types, some helmets sold in the past may not be used for Int'l and/or domestic competitions. Please see here for further details.
Size M: 57, L: 59, XL: 61
Part # Size MSRP excl. Tax
STL 0110AG2M-* L/XL JPY 59,000
  * = size>
Compatible with HANS.
Material: fiberglass – kevlar MSF (Multi Sandwich Fiber)
Weight: 1,380g (+/-30g)
Adjustable peak.
Homologated FIA 8859-2015 Snell SA2015
Part # Size MSRP excl. Tax
STL 0210BG2M-* L/XL JPY 109,000
  * = size
Material: fiberglass - kevlar MSF (Multi Sandwich Fiber)
Weight: 1,530g (+/-30g)
Microphone boom and plug integrated.
Adjustments: microphone position, peak, earmuffs pressure
Compatible with WRC 03 Intercom & WRC DES 9V Intercom.
Homologated FIA 8859-2015 Snell SA2015.
Compatible with HANS.
Intercom Amplifier
WRC03 Intercom Amplifier
Part # MSRP excl. Tax
STL AB0200 JPY 28,000
  Individual volume control.
Powered by a 9 volt battery.
Camera connection.
WRC03 DES 9V Intercom Amplifier
Part # MSRP excl. Tax
STL AB0214 JPY 36,000
  Individual volume control.
Powered by a 9 volt battery or fed from the car power supply.
Camera or radio connection.
"Extra Filter" switch to ensure excellent noise-cancelling quality even in a Super 2000, the noisiest car beyond dispute.
Headset & Accessories
WRC Headset
Part # MSRP excl. Tax
STL AD0210 JPY 25,000
  For WRC03 Intercom Amplifier.
Open Face Helmet Kit
Part # MSRP excl. Tax
STL AE0103 JPY 12,000
  Open face helmet kit composed of ultra thin speakers,
noise cancelling magnetic-dynamic microphone and professional jack.
With a flexible microphone holder.
For WRC03/ST-30 Intercom Amplifier.
Adapter Stilo WRC Intercom / PELTOR Helmet
Part # MSRP excl. Tax
STL AC0200 JPY 9,000
  When using STILO Intercom with PELTOR Helmet/Headset,
volume is smaller than if used with STILO Helmet.
Adapter Stilo WRC Helmet / PELTOR Intercom
Part # MSRP excl. Tax
STL AC0201 JPY 9,000
  When using PELTOR Intercom with STILO Helmet/Headset,
volume is louder than if used with PELTOR Helmet.
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