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Damping Force Adjustment

1. How do I adjust damping force?

You can adjust damping force with the adjustment dial, or click, on the shock absorber. Turning it clockwise, the end is level 0 (zero): the stiffest. Turning it counterclockwise from there, the damping force becomes softer. You can notice a click at each level. The 16th click is level 16, the softest damping force. If you lose count, just go back to level 0 and start again.

2. My 16-level damper's adjustment dial (click) turns more than 16 clicks.

The damping force adjustment dial of a 16-level shock absorber is able, depending on the shock absorber's structure, to rotate 17 or more clicks. This is normal and has no effect on the damping itself, which only goes up to level 16. However, it can damage your damper if you drive with it set to over 16 clicks.

Warning: Do not drive with a damper setting of more than 16 clicks, because that can damage it.

3. Which damping force level do you recommend?

We recommended you to first try "Recommended Value" found in the manual which comes with the product. This setting provides the optimum balance between ride comfort and maneuverability. For EnduraPro PLUS & EnduraPro HC PLUS, the recommended value is 8 clicks turned back from the stiffest. Start with the recommended setting and then adjsut gradually from there according to your preference and driving style/conditions.

4. What damping force level is the factory setting?

Our shock absorbers are initially set at damping force level 0: the stiffest. Each adjustment dial (click) is inspected before shipment, and we advise turning it from level 0 to 16 to check that it works smoothly, before installing the damper.

5. Do EDFC Series' 32-, 64- or 96-level mode broadens the damping range?

These modes offer a finer adjustment per damping force level, providing a more precise setup. They do not broaden the range of damping force adjustment. Switching from 16- to 32-level enables fine-tuning at 1/2 of each original level, and to 64- & 96-level increases precision to 1/4 & 1/6 original levels respectively.

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6. How can I get repair/replacement for an adjustment dial (click)?

If you need repair or replacement of your shock absorber's adjustment dial (also called adjustment click), please contact us, describing the damage in detail. Depending on the damage, you may need overhaul or (if only the adjustment dial is broken) you can replace it yourself with:

  • Click Assy Replacement Kit
  • Click Assy Wrench 8mm

These are available at TEIN distributors and in our online shop. Please make sure to follow the instructions in the replacement kit's instruction manual. Strictly in addition to the manual, you can see a demo (Japanese) on our YouTube channel.