The Story of New EDFC

Episode 2 【 Project Meeting 】


Sugiyama's boss shouted in a steely voice, as soon as Sugiyama confidently completed his presentation on the next generation of EDFC.
He was totally stupefied.

"How fun can that be, for a customer to have wireless motors?"
Sugiyama was left speechless.

"Your idea is not bad. I do agree to the advantages you mentioned."
"But… EDFC has to be fun. Does your idea of new EDFC bring more fun than the current one?"
All Sugiyama could do was to listen to his boss' words.

When he returned to his desk after the meeting, past customer survey results caught his eyes.
Browsing through the pages, he noticed something.

Majority of customers think 'convenience' is the best part of owning EDFC.
The 'fun' part comes next, but Sugiyama had overlooked that until now.
"My boss is right. My proposal lacks something fun."

"Everyone knows already how convenient EDFC is."
"Wireless motors can add a different aspect to the already-convenient features."
"Now, what can we do to add that missing zest?"
Sugiyama began to work longer hours, even staying in the office alone until midnight often.

One month later, Sugiyama finished revising his proposal with the added 'fun' feature.
It was the automatic damping force adjustment, responding to changes in speed and G.

Sugiyama, for one month, kept thinking about what EDFC features excite him.
Problems he faces when he drives on streets or circuits.
Ride quality affected by every-changing conditions of ordinary streets.
Cars behaving differently on different circuit corners of different shapes.
It would be great to adjust damping force automatically in accordance with such situations.
With that thought, Sugiyama's fingers were flowing over the keyboard like magic, retyping the proposal.

The fateful day of the second meeting came.
When Sugiyama's presentation ended, his boss was buried in thought for a while, folding his arms across his chest.
With the previous defeat still vivid in his memory, Sugiyama could not help feeling uneasy.
"OK! This is it, then!"
That brought a smile on Sugiyama's face, but this was only the beginning of another challenge.

To Be Continued.

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