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new Why does TEIN use "inverted" mono-tubes for struts?
What are the reasons for using inverted systems for mono-tube struts?
Why not use standard upright systems? Find the answers, now!
new The Story of EDFC ACTIVE
There seems to be something still going on with sought-after EDFC ACTIVE...
 The Story of New EDFC
EDFC for In-Car Damping Force Adjustment.
Let us bring you the story behind the development of its new model.
 Mono-Tube vs Twin-Tube
Twin-Tube Shock Absorber and Mono-Tube Shock Absorber.
There are many rumors about which is better out there but TEIN,
the suspension specialist, puts an end to all those rumors!
 Would you like EDFC? 
Discover more about the convenience of EDFC!
After 10 years of its release, EDFC will be......
 TEIN takes pride in the Surface Treatment 
Stories behind the exceptional surface treatment on TEIN dampers.
Let's find out the secret beneath the beautiful appearance.
 TEIN Damper vs. Cartridge Damper
What exactly is cartridge damper? How does TEIN damper differ from cartridge ones?
Take a little closer look at how they are built and how they work.
An introduction, covering numerous important points, to assist you when installing TEIN products.
Worth the read, especially for all you DIY’s!
 All About TEIN
TEIN's Passion Never Dies, It Lasts Forever.
An introduction to everything you need to know about TEIN! Includes precious interviews!
 Virtual Factory Tour
This is where you can see how we make the TEIN shock absorber.
Let’s go on this entertaining factory tour with DAMPACHI!
It's been reported that the imitation products called "TEINS" probably made in China are coming onto the market.
Please check the details and make sure you do not fall for such imitations.
Private World of DAMPACHI
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