Welcome to the private world of DAMPACHI, much loved mascot of TEIN.
We have some special gifts prepared, as a token of our appreciation for visiting here.
Name : DAMPACHI Sex : Male DOB : March 10
Birth Place : Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Main Characteristics : Large Eyes, 4-dimensional extra reservoir tank on his back
Body Height : Inconstant, as his head (rod) moves up and down.
Body Weight : Unknown, as it changes with the imposed load.
Favorites : Nitrogen Gas, High-Performance Oil
Special Talent : He uses his magical force, generated with his 4-dimensional extra reservoir tank on his back, to help struggling people shorten their lap-times on circuits and other motorsport battle fields.This ability has made many people happy!
Frequently Appears on : Circuits
Personality : He has a highly competitive spirit. When he could not get the result he wanted in races, he would use his magical power from his 4-dimensional tank to prepare himself to be in good shape for the next race. He is resourceful and acts tactfully in approaching various matters, by effectively using his 4-dimensional tank and twisting the top of his head.
Family Structure : Unknown.
There are rumors around that he has a father, who wears a hat and a brother in a different color ...
DAMPACHI's girlfriend : DAMPATTY
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