Caution for Installing EDFC Series on MONO FLEX

Inverted-Type MONO FLEX

When installing an EDFC Series product on a strut-type MONO FLEX, it happens that users mistakenly remove the insert top bolt (Photo 1), thinking that the EDFC motor goes there. This is very dangerous, since not only does it render the shock absorber unusable, but also inner parts may burst out and cause injury.

The correct place to fit an EDFC motor on a strut-type MONO FLEX is at its bottom. Since the damper is inverted, this is where you find the damping force adjustment dial to replace (Photo 2).

Upright-Type MONO FLEX

Conversely, the wishbone and multi-link type MONO FLEX are upright shock absorbers, and have their damping force adjusted at the top of the piston rod (Photo 3). Consequently, that is where the EDFC motor replaces the adjustment dial. Please beware that should the bolt at the shell case bottom (Photo 4) be loosened, this too causes gas to escape, and possibly parts to shoot out.

WARNING: Removing the insert top bolt or the shell case bottom bolt renders the manufacturer's warranty VOID!