How to Waterproof EDFC Motors

When used on Side Layout Click (S.L.C.) or inverted shock absorbers, EDFC motors and their cables must be thoroughly waterproofed to prevent serious damage.

EDFC Motor on Side Layout Click (S.L.C.)

After installing the motor on the shock absorber, fit the motor cover airtightly over it. Paste silicone sealant or similar on the area shaded in Figure 1.

EDFC Motor on Inverted Type

Installed at the bottom, the motor is especially prone to get wet. To prevent water under the motor cover, paste silicone sealant as the shaded area in Figure 2 (Photo 1), install the motor (Photo 2) and apply the cover, tugging its corners to smooth it out if needed (Photo 3).

Motor Cable

Seal the gap under the motor cable's protective tube with silicone sealant (Photo 4), and shield the whole with a rubber cable sleeve (Photo 5).