Honda Accord Euro R CL7 - Brackets on Front Dampers

When installing shock absorbers in the Honda Accord Euro R CL7, position indicator brackets for automatic headlight leveling must be transferred to the new front dampers.

Automatic headlight leveling vertically adjusts the light beam to height changes from passenger and luggage load. It is mandatory for Japanese cars with HID headlights (high-intensity discharge, also known as Xenon) since 2006. This vehicle has one sensor on the left front sub-frame, and one under the rear floor. The front sensor is connected to the brackets on the front damper, to detect ride height fluctuations through their vertical motions. The rear shock absorbers do not have brackets, and can be replaced as usual.

The STREET BASIS and STREET ADVANCE also require position indicator brackets in vehicles without headlight auto-leveling. FLEX Z and MONO SPORT do not.