Honda FF Vehicles - Caution for Removing Front Strut

In Honda front strut suspensions, the driveshaft's slant puts it at risk of falling out of the transmission when removing a shock absorber, if you do not take measures to secure the knuckle. This applies to Honda front-engine front-wheel-drive (FF) vehicles.

If you unintentionally lower the knuckle, the driveshaft (D) can slip out of the transmission. It is very troublesome to put it back. To prevent this:

  1. Remove the tire and place a rigid jack stand (C) under the knuckle (B).
  2. Maintain the knuckle's height by adjusting the stand, as you remove the bolt that joins it to the shock absorber.
    • This is easier if you first remove the stabilizer link rod.
    • Take care for the knuckle to not fall off the stand, when taking out the shock absorber.