Bringing Back Discontinued Damper Kits as Made-to-Order Kits!
  • < What is CUSTOM MADE DAMPER? >
    • Adjustable damper kits discontinued in the past are now resurrected and available as made-to-order kits.
    • All the specifications, such as ride height drop and spring rate, are as same as the past ready-made items (except some vehicle models).
    • Available for sale from only 1 set.
    • Production leadtime is approximately 1.5 months after receiving an order.
    • Available through TEIN distributors / dealers worldwide.
If you would like to have the kit made to the different specifications (spring rates / damping force), it will be provided as "Specialized Damper"
High Performance at an Affordable Price!
Full-Length Ride Height Adjustable Basic Model for Wagons and Minivans.
Wagon/ Minivan Lineup
BASIC FLEX WAGON has been especially designed for both wagons and minivans.
Bold Low-Down Styling
Enjoy the stylish and low-down form. Settings have been optimized to accommodate both styling & ride comfort for every vehicle model.
Comfortable Ride With Superior Handling Ability
Optimal damping force settings have been made, not just to offer pleasant ride comfort for city driving, but also to attain high-speed “flat ride” feel and offer a flexible yet stable ride.
Fully Compatible For Larger Tire & Wheel Sizes
Settings have been optimized using larger tire & wheel sizes for every model. The design has been set considering the use of larger wheel sizes and to maintain ample ride comfort.
A) Fixed Damping Force Settings
BASIC FLEX WAGON utilizes fixed damping force settings, that have been optimized to offer comfortable ride in various conditions from city to highway driving, with improved stability and handling.
B) Kit w/o Upper Mount
BASIC WAGON is to be used in combination with OE mount, for maintaining calmness and for reasonable pricing
C) Spring
Newly designed springs are used for improved traction and ride comfort.
D) Twin-Tube Structure
Twin-tube structure is adopted for high durability and sufficient stroke length. Upsizing oil capacity, shell case and piston diameter provides superb damping force characteristics.
E) Spring Seat / Seat Lock
Forged Aluminum is used for the spring seat and seat lock. It is designed to keep the Adjust Wrench in place, and to allow for easy ride height adjustment. (Patent Pending)
F) Rust Prevention on Threads
All threading parts on shell cases are coated with specially formulated Fluorine for outstanding rust protection as well as for smoother ride height adjustment. Electroless nickel coating combined with powder coating is applied to lower brackets.
G) Full-Length Ride Height Adjustment Feature
Full-length adjustment system with the use of movable lower bracket allows for separate adjustment of ride height and pre-load, making it possible to secure sufficient stroke and/or to change pre-load setting.
H) Conical Spring Washer
A conical washer is inserted between the bracket lock and the lower bracket, to effectively prevent loosening of the bracket lock, under various conditions.