Discontinued kits can be ordered and provided as "CUSTOM MADE DAMPER".
  • < What is CUSTOM MADE DAMPER? >
    • Adjustable damper kits discontinued in the past are now resurrected and available as made-to-order kits.
    • All the specifications, such as ride height drop and spring rate, are as same as the past ready-made items (except some vehicle models).
    • Available for sale from only 1 set.
    • Production leadtime is approximately 1.5 months after receiving an order.
    • Available through TEIN distributors / dealers worldwide.
If you would like to have the kit made to the different specifications (spring rates / damping force), it will be provided as "Specialized Damper"
TYPE N1 Damper   TYPE N1
TYPE N1 Damper   TYPE N1 Damper
The Champion of the Severe and Hard Super Taikyu (Endurance) Race
*Exclusively for competition use. NOT for use on public road.
Contents of damper kit
Individual Comp/Rebump Adjustable shock absorber ×4
Lower spring Seat ×4 Spring Seat lock ×8
Bump rubber ×4 Instruction manual
The same shock absorber, used by leading teams competing in Super Taikyu Race and/or Onemake Race, is now available on the market, filled with lots of high technology; two types of shell cases to meet different regulations (except some models), light weight aluminum lower bracket, mono-tube structure with base valve, 20-level separate damping force adjustment feature, etc.
Mono-tube + base valve, 20-level separate damping force adjustment.
Full-length ride height adjustment system.
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