Real-Time Adjustment As You Drive EDFC ACTIVE PRO *Can only be used with TEIN shock absorbers

Main Operation Modes

Speed-Reactive Accel/Deceleration-Reactive Cornering-Reactive Manual
Also Boasts a 3-Mode Combination!


Wireless Control Selectable Adjustment Precision 262k Display Color Options Supports Comp./Rebound Separate Control
Automatic Brightness Speedometer Display Instant Setup Activation Other Features

Compatible Shock Absorbers

*Can only be used with TEIN shock absorbers

Price List for EDFC Active Pro Specs & Features of EDFC Series

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Product Specifications

Speed-Reactive Automatic Adjustment Mode

Automatic damping force adjustment, based on the vehicle's speed.

For example on urban streets, you can automatically have soft damping force at low speed for a cushioned ride, and stiff damping force for stable handling while driving fast.

image: Speed-Reactive Automatic Adjustment Mode

Likewise on circuits, you can enjoy the right handling quality at any speed, for instance automatically adding a pinch of oversteer at sharp turns, and slight understeer at moderate turns.

Understeer: front wheels skid sideways at fast bend

Oversteer: rear wheels skid sideways at fast bend

Acceleration/Deceleration-Reactive Automatic Adjustment Mode

Automatic damping force adjustment, based on acceleration and deceleration G-force (longitudinal G-force).

On the street you can unite ride comfort with handling stability, setting a soft damping force at constant speed to smoothly absorb the road's unevenness, and a stiff one at acceleration/ deceleration to constrain vehicle movement.

image:Acceleration/Deceleration-Reactive Automatic Adjustment Mode

Furthermore on circuits, setups allow for increased stability at braking, as well as under- and oversteer control by varying front-rear damping force balance depending on the accel/deceleration amount.

Cornering-Reactive Automatic Adjustment Mode

Automatic damping force adjustment, based on lateral G-force such as during cornering.

Want to combine a comfortable ride with smooth cornering? Just set damping force to be soft while driving straight to compensate surface flaws, and stiff only at turns, suppressing the vehicle's roll velocity.

You can pre-set the damping force to the amounts of the lateral G-forces, and also customize the balance between front and rear damping.

image:Cornering-Reactive Automatic Adjustment Mode

Manual Mode

With just one dial, front and rear damping force levels can be adjusted as desired.

The preset memory function stores up to 10 setups. You can instantly switch to your preferred damping force levels for any situation.

Three-In-One Automatic Adjustment Mode

A seamless integration of all 3 automatic adjustment modes.

You can depend on real-time adjustment as you drive,

for your preferred ride quality whatever the driving conditions.

Wireless Control

EDFC ACTIVE PRO features wireless control, for easy installation and wiring.

The controller wirelessly communicates with the motor driver units that command EDFC motors.
No more need to pierce cables through trunk or engine firewalls and snaking them about the vehicle.

The latest wireless technology enables instant and reliable adjustment motor response upon operating the controller unit. Of course, the network signal is reliable. Also interference is no worry, since each motor driver unit has one in 16.77 million unique IDs.

Motor driver units are made extremely dustproof and waterproof, so that they can be installed outside the vehicle's passenger compartment, such as in the engine bay.

3 Degrees of Precision in Damping Force Adjustment

You can choose the degree of fine-tuning for damping force adjustment: 16, 32 or 64 levels. TEIN shock absorbers usually offer 16-level adjustment, and EDFC Active Pro offers an additional scope of precision. This is especially effective in automatic adjustment modes.

Damping Force Level

262k Display Color Options

You can adjust the color of the display, button and dial illumination. In addition to 4 default colors (white, green, amber and blue), the EDFC Active Pro offers a spectrum of 262,000 colors to customize your controller unit.

  • ホワイト


  • グリーン


  • アンバー


  • ブルー


  • イエロー

    Custom Color Example: Yellow

  • ピンク

    Custom Color Example: Pink

Comp./Rebound Separate Damping Force Adjustment

*For shock absorbers featuring separate adjustment of compression and rebound

EDFC Active Pro is able to control up to 8 motors for individual damping force adjustment, with just the one controller unit. This requires additional motor driver units.

The controller unit displays compression and rebound damping force levels simultaneously, and it can adjust each separately. All functions of EDFC Active Pro are available, including automatic adjustment modes.

System Layout

When installing EDFC Active Pro with shock absorbers that offer compression and rebound separate adjustment, the following items are required.

- EDFC Active Pro Controller Kit x 1

- Motor Kit x 2

- Motor Driver Unit x 2

NOT compatible with motor driver unit for EDFC5 (EDC01-R6654).
Be sure to use the one for EDFC Active Pro (EDC01-P7370). Not doing so would lead to damages.

- Power Supply Cable for Front x 1

- Power Supply Cable for Rear x 1

- Motor Cable x as needed

- EDFC Hex Bolt x 4

- GPS Kit x 1 (for Speed-Reactive Automatic Adjustment Mode and GPS data display)

- Strut Kit x 1 (recommended for strut type front suspensions)

For part numbers, please see the EDFC Active Pro Price List below

Please use in conjunction with EDFC Active Pro's instruction manual

Automatic Brightness Adjustment

The brightness of the screen, buttons and dial adjusts automatically to the surroundings. Detecting the ambient light intensity with a sensor, EDFC Active Pro does not need to connect to the vehicle's illumination signal.

You can set the basic light level manually (3 levels), and brightness auto-adjustment fine-tunes it for optimal visibility. The auto-adjustment function can be switched on/off.

Speedometer Display

The EDFC Active Pro controller features a handy speedometer display option. It includes a peak speed memory function, and allows you to see your speed in km/h or mph as you prefer.

  • KPH

    Speedometer Display (km/h)

  • MPH

    Speedometer Display (mph)

Instant Setup Activation by External Signal (2 Ports)

With just a simple external trigger, such as a touch or action, preset damper settings can be activated. This requires connecting the controller to an existing signal or separately purchased switch (2 ports available).

For example: connect to parking brake signal for instant damping force adjustment when you're drifting

  • Using a universal switch (not included)

  • Connect to parking brake signal

Example Uses of Universal Switch

Save the suitable setup for that particular situation, and you can activate it instantly with a single touch.

Other Features

Controller Unit

A variety of features, such as a G-sensor and wireless communication, are combined into one compact unit. The wide display (22 x 60 mm) offers good visibility.

A wiring duct at the back lets you neatly route the cables, offering more flexibility to install the EDFC controller where you want.

  • Example of Placement

  • Wiring Duct

    Wiring Duct

A Variety of Display Modes

Other than its default Damping Force Level Display, the EDFC screen switches to G-Force Display (numerical as well as graphic) and Speedometer Display. In addition, the optional GPS kit enables a further array of display modes: Altitude, Longitude, Latitude, Tripmeter and Clock.

  • Damping Force Level Display
    (All shock absorbers separately)

  • Damping Force Level Display
    (Front versus rear shock absorbers)

  • G-Force Display

  • 最大G表示

    Peak G-Force Display

Both acceleration/deceleration G-force and cornering G-force show in numbers as well as bar graphics.
With peak G-force memory.
G-Force bar scale can be switched: 0.3 or 1.0 G.

  • Speedometer Display
    (With peak speed memory; can be shown in mph)

Added Display Modes with GPS Kit

  • Altitude Display

  • Longitude Display
    (In degrees, minutes or seconds)

  • Latitude Display
    (In degrees, minutes or seconds)

  • Tripmeter Display
    (Stores up to 10 records;
    can be set to km or miles)

  • GPS Precision Clock Display
    (Continuation function at signal loss)

Motor Reset Frequency

A motor reset function is built in for the upkeep of correct damping force levels. At every start-up, the adjustment motors first rotate to maximum stiffness (level 0), before resuming their previous positions. Especially for users who mind the sound, the option is included to change the reset frequency from each start-up to once in every 10 start-ups or never.

Please note:
- We recommend to perform a reset regularly, to maintain correct damping force adjustment levels.
- The start-up reset is performed each time the controller unit is manually turned on.

Automatic Activation of G-Force-Reactive Modes

You can specify a minimum vehicle speed, at which to start accel/deceleration- and cornering-reactive automatic damping force adjustment. This is convenient if you don't need it when you drive slowly, or if you mind the sound of the EDFC motors. The start speed can be set between 0 and 50 km/h (or 0 to 50 mph); under that speed g-force-reactive auto-adjustment will be off.

One-Dial Operation

For easy operation, EDFC Active Pro features a one-dial system. Intuitive and simple, the dial is turned to scroll, and pushed to confirm. The 2 buttons above it switch the mode and display.

Triaxial Accelerometer

Since the G-sensor contained in the controller unit works along 3 axes, the controller can be installed at just about any angle.

2 View Angles

The controller's display settings offer an alternative view angle, to ensure visibility.

Sound Volume Adjustment (Levels 0 to 3)

The volume of the button/dial push sound can be set between levels 0 (mute) and 3. This also applies to the volume of system signals during auto-adjustment.

Lock Function Disables User Input

EDFC Active Pro offers a lock function to disable the buttons and dial, for instance during driving. This prevents accidental operations.


The system boasts a self-diagnosis feature that can determine the performance of motor driver units, wireless communication, etc. Any problem will appear on the screen, such as a disconnected or short-circuited motor driver unit, or trouble with the wireless signal.

Superior Casing Material

The housing of the motor driver units is made of highly heat resistant material.

Price List

What Do You Need?

EDFC Active Pro requires a Controller Kit and an EDFC Motor Kit.

A GPS Kit is required if the speed pulse cannot be taken from the vehicle, or if you want all functions to work.

A Strut Kit or a Motor Extension Kit may be needed depending on the vehicle model.

Required Kits

Item Part No. MSRP excl. Tax Remarks
Controller Kit
EDK04-Q0349 JPY 60,000  
EDFC Motor Kit
JPY 17,500 The matching Motor Kit depends on the vehicle model and shock absorber type. Please use the Compatibility Search.

Optional Items

Item Part No. MSRP excl. Tax Remarks
EDK07-P8022 JPY 9,000 Needed if the speed pulse cannot be taken from the vehicle, or if you want all functions to work.
Strut Kit
EDK06-K4474 JPY 4,000

Prevents wiring from entangling with the EDFC motors when the ride height is adjusted.

Whether this kit is needed depends on the vehicle. Please consult the Compatibility Search.

Motor Extension Kit
JPY 7,600

If there's not enough space for adjustment motors, this kit makes it possible to install them regardless.

Contains a specially developed 'flexible shaft' that allows fitting the EDFC motor a little away from the shock absorber.

About the Motor Extention Kit

Piston Rod Top Extension Kit
Made to Order JPY 8,400

For vehicles in which extension of the piston rod tops ensures enough space around them for the EDFC motors. Produced upon your order. Can also be used in combination with the Motor Extension Kit.

About the Piston Rod Extention Kit

Additional Items

Item Part No. MSRP excl. Tax Remarks
Motor Driver Unit
EDC01-P7370 JPY 16,500

Price is per piece.

One motor driver unit controls 2 adjustment motors.

Do NOT use with EDFC5 controller unit, as doing so would lead to damages.

Power Cable for Motor Driver Unit
Vehicle Front
(2 m)
JPY 1,800

Price is per piece.

Each additional motor driver unit needs 1 power cable. Front or rear cable applies depending on the location of the motor driver unit.

Vehicle Rear
(5 m)
EDFC Motor Cable
EDC01-P8026 JPY 1,800

Price is per piece.

For additional motors, or for replacement if a cable is damaged or too short. Over a short distance, motor driver unit and adjustment motor can be connected without an additional cable.

EDFC Hex Bolt
SAP44-P8463 JPY 300

Price is per piece.

Sold in a set of 4.

Each additional adjustment motor needs 1 EDFC Hex Bolt.

*Discontinued and only available while supplies last.

EDFC Motor
JPY 6,000 Comes with a rubber cover.
Signal Converter
EDC01-Q0351 JPY 13,000

Exclusively for
EDFC Active Pro or EDFC5.

Not compatible with EDFC Active.

8mm Spanner
SST01-F11262 JPY 500  

EDFC Series - Overview of Specifications and Functions

1. Setup Programming: How to input your preferred setup into a memory space.

2. Relative: Specify the damping force adjustment of each damper, compared to your standard levels.

E.g. -12, 20 (for +20), etc.

3. Absolute: Simply input the damping force level for each damper, e.g. 32, 48, etc.

For EDFC Active Pro Users

Community Page

Join other EDFC Active Pro users and fans on the EDFC Active & Active Pro Users Forum on Facebook. Here you can exchange and discuss ideas and tips with other car enthusiasts who use this nifty tool: share how you use your EDFC, learn from other users' experiences, comment on setup data, etc.

Template for Your Personal Setups

Feel free to download our template to jot down your personal damping force presets, for handy reference. It's available in Excel as well as PDF format, via the buttons below.

Upgrading EDFC Active to EDFC Active Pro

Upgrade Service

Your EDFC Active controller unit can be upgraded to the EDFC Active Pro version, by updating its software. Purchasing a signal converter will add functions that use the vehicle’s speed signal, such as the speed-reactive adjustment mode and instant damping force setup activation by external signals, so that you have complete EDFC Active Pro functionality.

EDFC ACTIVE Controller Upgrade Service: JPY 20,000 excl. tax
EDFC ACTIVE Controller Upgrade Service + Signal Converter: JPY 33,000 excl. tax

Important Information

  • Upgrade resets the controller unit to factory default. All user data is deleted, except for the initial settings below. Deleted data includes damping force levels and memory presets.

    Initial Settings:

    - Motor driver unit pairings

    - Damping force adjustment precision (16, 32 or 64 levels)

    - Driver unit mode

    - Speed unit: km/h or mph

  • Disassembling the controller may cause scratching of its outer casing.
  • When detaching the controller, be careful with its connectors. Using too much force can cause connection problems during operation.
  • If any defect is found upon receiving the controller, we may not be able to provide the upgrade service.
  • This upgrade service does not include repairs, etc. Any defect found prior to upgrade may be present afterwards as well. Please note that in such cases upgrade cannot be cancelled.

Order Your Upgrade

To upgrade, please contact your nearest TEIN dealer. You can also use the Contact Form to send us your request or questions.

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